Hi! I’m Maia, and this is where I share my favorite recipes and my adventures in the kitchen.

My kitchen is my happy place. It is a place where I can be free to experiment, learn, mess-up, and grow from it, all without judgment, fear, or consequence (bar burning my kitchen down).  I am by no means a trained cook. I am just someone who loves to cook, bake and, most of all, eat! I love trying new ingredients and techniques, although they don’t always work out perfectly. But, if I do say so myself, the results are often delicious! 

I’ve started this blog as a way to share what I learn with my friends. I love the idea of being able to teach people a little bit about how to create delicious, healthy, homemade food, the way so many amazing food bloggers have taught me much of what I know. So, I would be delighted if you would join me in my kitchen.



If you have any questions or feedback please send me an email at adelightfuldish at gmail dot com.