Monday, September 5, 2011

Welcome to A Delightful Dish!

As my friends know, I have been meaning to start this page for a while now.  As my friends also know, I am someone who is chronically late, but I always get there eventually. I might be slightly flustered, and there might be frosting in my hair, but there will certainly be a big smile on my face. And here I am now,  so let’s get started.

This has been a lovely summer full of delicious food, which I very much want to share with everyone. Some of these recipes can be enjoyed well into fall, or even throughout the winter with some changes. Others may have to wait until next summer to be enjoyed to their full potential. The next few days will be a recap of my favorite things I have made this summer. I must get these recipes out of my brain and onto a keyboard before they get buried under piles of apples, squash, soups and stews. And then I will proceed to drag my reluctant self out of summer and jump feet first into autumn. It might be cold, but at least it tastes good.

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