Friday, September 14, 2012

End of Summer Plum Cobbler

Oh, hello there.

Is that not just the cutest little plum you've ever seen?

We picked up these little guys on labour day weekend, at a farm stand in B.C.'s beautiful Okanagan... along with some peaches, apples, cherries, corn, and tomatoes! Weeee!

I can say I have thoroughly enjoyed our provinces produce offerings this year. All month there have been peaches in my oatmeal, simple tomato sandwiches at lunch, and sweet creamy corn chowder for dinner. We're loving it. Well OK, I'm loving it. The boyfriend not so much since he hates both oatmeal and soup... and prefers his sandwiches with bacon.

Oh well, more for me!

I don't normally like plums, with their bitter skin and tart juices. But end-of-august-plums seem to be a different breed. So sweet and juicy Ican'tevenhandleit. And topped with fluffy little biscuits that also happen to be gluten free? Shutup. It's the perfect dessert to bridge summer and fall...

Serve with creamy vanilla bean gelato. It will melt and mingle with the plum juices to form a heavenly sauce.

Eat outdoors, in order to soak up the last bit of September sunshine.

Bring a sweater. 

Mourn summer.

Go make soup.

Summer Plum Cobbler with Gluten Free Biscuit Topping

Adapted from How to Cook Gluten-Free by Elizabeth Barbone. I just received this book off amazon and can't wait to try out more recipes! It is a fantastic "basics" guide for anyone starting a gluten free diet.

Plum Filling Ingredients

6 Cups ripe plums, pitted and (large ones) sliced
3/4 Cup white sugar
1 Tablespoon Cornstarch
1 Teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 Tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Biscuit Topping Ingredients

1 Cup tapioca starch
2/3 Cup white rice flour
1/3 Cup cornstarch
1/4 Cup granulated sugar
1 Tablespoon baking powder
1/2 Teaspoon salt
6 Tablespoons unsalted butter
3/4 Cup  heavy cream

1.  Preheat oven to 400F. Butter a baking dish - the recipe calls for 9X13, while I opted to use a 9X9 square dish. Pit and slice the plums, I used an assortment of red, purple and yellow plums of various sizes.

2. Toss plums with sugar, cornstarch, cinnamon, and lemon juice. Stir to combine and pour into prepared dish.

3. For the topping, combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add the butter and use your fingers to work it into the dry ingredients until little pebbles form. Add the cream and stir until the dough holds together, adding additional cream if needed. The dough will be fairly sticky.

4. Roll the dough into golf ball sized pieces and place on top of the fruit mixture, leaving a bit of space between them. Bake until biscuits are puffed up and lightly browned, about 30-40 minutes.

Let cool, serve warm or cold. Makes 6-8 servings.

In other news, my 1 year "Blogiversary" passed last week. I threw no party. Held no contests. Baked no cake (although I wish I had). But it was noted fondly that 1 year ago I decided to start sharing my random thoughts and recipes with strangers on the internet. It has been fun, and I hope to do it for years to come. Just as I hope to learn and grow and get better at it.

Time for a little blog re-design in honour of her Birthday? I think so!

Happy weekend foodie friends!



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